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Chocolate for thought

With award-winning chocolates and positive platform of social change for people with Autism, Harry Specters had a very special brand of chocolates that was lacking a special spark in their branding and packaging design. Working closely with founders Mona and Shaz, and their son Ash, we created a vibrant and elegant brand that reflected their skilfully crafted chocolates with their positive drive for change.

Harry Specters Team
Harry Specters Boxes

The name 'Harry Specters', imagined by Ash, was a whimsical personality which became the name for the brand. We honoured this imagination by crafting a signature infused with swirls and touches of eccentrism.

A spectrum of colours bring together the various boxes and variants for easy navigation, with fun and dynamic swirls echoing the core logo to give each box a hint of magic.


The Result

The redesign provided a much needed boost to the brand, boosting direct sales by 107% following the redesign, and Harry Specters continue to grow year on year.

Harry Specters 6-boxes
Harry Specters Chocolate
We felt safe and secure in the passion and professionalism Hawk & Handsaw showed our beloved brand as we redesigned to reach a larger, more discerning audience. Their continued efforts and communication with us have produced a brand full of beauty and meaning.
— Mona shah, Founder & Director at harry specters
Harry Specters Balance
Harry Specters Ginger & Lime Man
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