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Into the mind of an architect

“We invite you to journey with us into our creative process and to experience first-hand how the narratives behind the buildings we design are formed...”

Hawk & Handsaw had the unique opportunity to create an exhibit for K2LD’s key architectural projects over the last 11 years at the prestigious Venice Biennale 2018. Working closely with K2LD, we created a timeline embodying the core of each project through a seminal object, taking attendees on a visual and conceptual journey across each development.

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For K2LD, all buildings have a metaphor. This metaphor is used throughout the process from initial sketch to interior design. We decided to put these metaphors on display; 8 curious objects presented along a timeline accompanied with a video that shows the selected project from sketch to reality.

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When challenged with imagining an exhibition at the Venice Bienalle Hawk & Handsaw found the core truths about us as architects and interior designers. The result was an exhibition unlike anything that’s been expressed before, a deeply unique and personal display that encapsulates K2LD and distinguishes us from our peers.
— TISHA LEE, DIRECTor at k2ld architects & interiors
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